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B Occupancy in a camp trailer

Discussion in 'Zoning' started by Flexo, Jan 25, 2019.

  1. Flexo

    Flexo Registered User

    Jan 28, 2018
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    We have a company that is attempting to force our City to allow a converted camp trailer to be treated as a commercial building. The proposed occupancy is B, a beauty salon.
    Our Attorney pointed out that use of converted camp trailers is not permitted in our zoning code unless it is a mobile kitchen. Mobile food vendors do not have customers inside of the unit. Items that are not specifically permitted by our zoning code are not permitted uses.
    Does anyone here have any experience with this issue or anything like it?
  2. linnrg

    linnrg Sawhorse

    Mar 17, 2015
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    I have seen many examples but never dealt with them. The ones that come to mind are:
    mobile libraries
    mobile blood draw

    Our local fire department has a demonstration trailer where kids go in to learn about smoke detectors, egress windows, that sort of thing. So in effect it is a mobile classroom. They have not used it for some time but it is ready to go.

    Also there have been other demonstration trailers like the Cold Climate people had which are also mobile classrooms.

    These are rolling vehicles and not really a building code type thing.

    If the hair salon is intended to be permanently parked and occupied as this commercial business then I would say it would have to have everything a small commercial building would have.
  3. cda

    cda Sawhorse

    Oct 19, 2009
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    Where do they want to put it?

    Permanent type foundation??

    Does your city have a masonary or similar finish requirement ??

    How about water and sewer hook up??
  4. fatboy

    fatboy Administrator

    Oct 17, 2009
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    Unless it is a temp use, construction/sales trailer, if it is not on a permanent foundation, or in a zoned mobile home park, we don't touch it.
  5. JCraver

    JCraver Sawhorse

    Feb 20, 2014
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    Depending on what your zoning says, this may be best left between the lawyers to figure out.

    We've got a couple office trailers in town that are used for office purposes. They had stamped plans, are permanently fastened to the ground via our State manufactured home standards or an approved architectural design, and are compliant with all ADA, State plumbing, etc.codes/regulations. I think both of them wish now that they'd rented or built something, because the trailers didn't save them much money when it was all said and done..
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